Jean Clough has been studying the fascinating art and science of Qigong since the year 2000.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Biology and has always had a strong interest in health, wellness and all aspects of what’s possible for human beings. Understanding and bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western perspectives is a natural pathway for Jean, and her talent for conveying Qigong in a way that reveals the deep scientific wisdom of Qigong is her passion.  She is currently working on a book on the science of qi.   Jean Clough is a personal student of Zhong Yuan Qigong Grandmaster and lineage holder, Xu Mingtang. She also studies with Ling Gui Grandmasters Dr. Lui Dong and Master Lui He and is engaged in a 6-year Master Teacher program with Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.  While Qigong exercises can be esoteric and multi-layered, Jean makes it clear and easy to grasp by distilling the teachings to their essential nuggets.  Jean is also a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and owner of Seattle Advanced Bodywork Associates, a natural health clinic.  

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​​Nia and Moving To Heal with Jeanna Wheeler 

Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that blends martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Practiced barefoot to soul-stirringmusic from around the world, students will develop a deeper connection to body, mind, emotion, & spirit. Stop exercising…start MOVING!

Moving To Heal classes are set apart from other exercise programs by its purpose: turning movement into a therapeutic experience.  We use movement as medicine to support people in recovery, dealing with short-term injury or grief, or struggling with long-term trauma or illness.  Similar to a classic Nia class, but suitable for all levels, including those who wish to dance while seated, or require other special accommodations.

Jeanna Wheeler is a Black Belt level Nia instructor, and has been teaching fitness classes for fourteen years.  She trained for two years in Portland, OR with Debbie & Carlos Rosas, the creators of the Nia Technique.

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Vanessa Skantze is a Butoh artist and teacher of yoga and dance. She has performed in the U.S. and Europe for over 20 years. Her training in yoga began nearly 25 years ago in New Orleans studying Hatha yoga with the late and legendary Alvina.  She began teaching a couple of years later and then discovered Ashtanga yoga.  Since coming to Seattle in 2004 she has created numerous performance works for solo and ensemble. She is co-founder of Teatro de la Psychomachia, a performance and practice space in Seattle. Skantze does private, semi-private and group sessions in body instrument awareness and organic movement practice called Listening to the Bones. These classes draw from her experience with movement arts including yoga, Noguchi Taiso (Japanese water body practice), and Aikido.  She has taught with Yoga Behind Bars for more than six years.  Through challenge, awareness and playfulness her classes seek to awaken an ever deeper sense of the life force that infuses all things-- and how to sculpt our experience with this energy.

Fusion offers other movement classes such as Yoga, Nia and Qigong. These classes are offered by independent instructors. For more information click on the link in the class schedule below or read the class description below.​ Find class information on our Facebook as well.

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