We are a Fragrance Free establishment. Please help by not wearing fragrances to class.  

​​​​​​6 Week Intro Series, Kajukenbo Kung Fu
Starts May 6th

Thinking about training in a martial art in the new year? Well here is a great way to try one out! We are offering a 6 week beginner series in Kajukenbo Kung Fu!

Kajukenbo is a very practical, self-defense oriented art involving learning how to punch, kick, fight and defend yourself. It also incorporates forms, sparring and street fighting training. Classes vary in physicality, intensity and content to give the practitioner a very broad spectrum training experience.

What to wear to class

Wear clothing that can withstand some tugging and that you feel comfortable in. If you have a Gi, you can wear that to class, but it is not required. 

Classes are held:

Mondays, 6:30-8pm
Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm
Saturdays 10:30am-12pm

Beginner Series:  $100